Integrated Divorce Mediation is pleased to offer the following divorce mediation services to couples who have decided to dissolve their marriage:

Child Custody Mediation

Divorce can be tough on children. Mediation is one way to make the process simple and less stressful and challenging for both the parents and the kids. Integrated Divorce Mediation offers solutions to issues related to minor children, including:

  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody
  • Scheduling visitation
  • Weekly schedules
  • Holiday schedules (including birthdays, seasonal holidays, summer vacations, etc.)
  • Transfer of children between the parents if necessary.
  • Other parenting issues, such as health care, religious school/Church activities, after school activities, etc.

Division of assets

Integrated Divorce Mediation helps couples come to an amicable and fair resolution to dividing assets. In these discussions, we will involve the services of other professionals when appropriate, including attorneys and accountants, to review, evaluate and finalize the settlement.  This includes:

  • All properties owned by one or both parties (e.g., the marital home),
  • Contents of those properties when necessary
  • Bank accounts
  • Retirement accounts
  • Life insurance policies
  • and any other assets owned individually or jointly.

Spousal support and child support

Integrated Divorce Mediation helps couples to work out a child support and/or spousal support agreement that is equitable and fair.  Spousal support can help make the transition for the receiving party easier, so that they can move in the direction of  financial independence. With the help of a mediator, both spouses are able to discuss the best options and solutions that satisfy the needs and abilities of each person.  Here, too, we may involve the services of attorneys and/or accountants if necessary. Some of the factors that help ascertain whether spousal support is warranted are:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The standard of life both parties enjoyed during the duration of the marriage
  • Each party’s ability to work
  • The current state of health of each party
  • The current age of the parties

Integrated Divorce Mediation is also happy to mediate any other issues that may be significant in order to make the process of separation and dissolution occur with as little acrimony and stress as possible.Integrated Divorce Mediation has as its goal achieving the most fair and equitable resolution possible, so that when the divorce decree has been granted both parties can feel that they have been heard and respected throughout the process